Trick Training

This class will help you work towards trick training certificates assessed by Chrysalis K9 and by In The Dog House run by Nando Brown. The classes are also a great way to have fun with your dog, build a strong bond and enhance basic obedience.

Tricks for the Chrysalis awards can be demonstrated in person. If you would like to also work your way through the In the Doghouse trick awards you need to make a video of your tricks and post them on YouTube. (We can help you if the video editing is a bit of a mystery!)

Chrysalis K9 Trick Dog Titles

All behaviours must be trained force-free. For tricks that have a left and a right version you will need to show both (e.g. spin and twist; pivot left and pivot right). There are rosettes for everyone who completes each level!

Chrysalis K9 Trick Dog Level 1

Demonstrate 6 distinct tricks.  At this level it is acceptable to have food in your hand if you need.

Chrysalis K9 Trick Dog Level 2

Demonstrate 8 – 10 distinct tricks, totalling at least 12 points (see lists).  Tricks can be cued with a verbal or hand/body signal, but no luring is allowed.

Chrysalis K9 Trick Dog Level 3

Demonstrate 8 – 10 distinct tricks, totalling at least 18 points (see lists). Tricks can be cued with a verbal or hand/body signal, but no luring is allowed.

Chrysalis K9 Trick Dog Level 4

Demonstrate 8 – 10 distinct tricks, totalling at least 24 points (see lists).  Tricks can be cued with a verbal or hand/body signal, but no luring is allowed.

Chrysalis K9 Trick Dog Level 5

Choreograph a routine of tricks, together totalling at least 30 points (see lists). You may set your routine to music if you wish, and you are welcome to use props. Your routine should flow from one element to the next and be appropriate for your dog. You may use food or a toy to reinforce your dog during the routine.

Darwin and Topsy doing a distance sit.

Bru doing a rebound

One Point Tricks

walk back

front feet on

back feet on

paws up (on person)




spin and twist

sit pretty (beg)

roll over (both ways)

nose touch


go round (left +right)

give a paw (left + right)

chin target

ring bell

push ups (sit-down-sit)


4 paws on

push a ball

play dead

target stick

on your bed

Here are some of the tricks demonstrated by Darwin, Stanley and Lou-Lou.

Here are completed trick videos for Darwin (8 tricks), Stanley and Lou-Lou.

Two point tricks

pivot left + right

paws on, head down (pray)

walk backwards round something (left + right)


single paw targeting (all 4 paws)

leg weaves

leg jumps

arm jumps

jump to arms

jump through arms

toe touches

tall (standing on back legs)

fetch your lead


balance and catch

jump on back of person


put your toy in the box

take off my socks

Three point tricks

walk sideways left + right

shake off (body shake)

cross paws (both ways)



cock leg (both sides)

limp (both sides)

lift and hold front paw (both sides)

reverse leg weaves

head cock

prance step

distance work – 3 behaviours at 10m


put your toys in the box (5 toys)

 If you have a variation of a trick listed, or a trick which is not listed, please let us know and we will give it a point rating.

Click here to view our gallery of trick dogs who train with us. These dogs are just like your dogs – some are reactive, some are sensitive, some are boisterous. Whatever nature and whatever ability we can bring out the best in your dog by supporting you to train them.

In The Dog House Trick Dog level Uber Dude

Claire is an FFTT (Force Free Trick Trainer) with the IMDT and In the Dog House. Our next level of trick dog is the In The Doghouse Trick Dog Uber Dude. To achieve this level you will need to demonstrate 12 of these tricks listed below.
Each behaviour must be demonstrated 3 times and the behaviour should be on verbal or visual cue. All behaviours must be trained force free. For the full details of the rules and a video demonstrating the tricks go to: Uber Dude There is a small cost to certify with In The Doghouse but its well worth it for the satisfaction of achieving the award!

If you achieve your Trick Dog Uber Dude then not only will you receive a certificate from Nando Brown at In The Doghouse (25 Euro fee) but you will also receive the Chrysalis K9 Level 2 certificate and rosette.

Darwin’s Uber Dude Video

  • Tricks to choose from

    Fetch your lead


    Target Stick

    Give a paw

    Take a bow


    Hand signals (3 behaviours)

    Hoop Jump

    Leave it

    Paws up


    Push ups

    Which hand



By now you will be hooked and won’t need any convincing to take on the challenge to train for your In the Doghouse Trick Dog Ninja, Trick Dog Guru, Ultimate Trick Dog and even your Grand Master Trick Dog Certification!

All the details of these levels can be found at Trick Dog Titles and we will support you working towards each of these titles in turn.

Storm is researching the next level of trick training!

Send us a message and we will help you find the right class for you and your dog!

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