Short Break Residential Training

When time is tight and you have work commitments or a social commitment then your dog can come to us for 2 days of intensive but fun training and exercise with a safe overnight stay. Before your dog’s stay you have an hour 1-2-1 planning consultation with Claire and together you come up with a realistic set of targets for your dog’s stay with us. When your dog is with us they will get at least 4 training sessions a day and 2 good walks as well as rest time with natural chews or a stuffed Kong to help them process their learning.  After you collect your dog you have a follow up 1-2-1 consultation to review the progress your dog has made and help you to maintain and build on the progress made.

The sorts of training goals that you might ask us to work on during a residential stay include Recall and Loose lead walking. We can also provide suitable training for reactive dogs who through gradual and below threshold exposure can learn to enjoy walking with other calm and polite dogs. Our own dogs are able to provide safe interaction for dogs who enjoy social walking and play but for those dogs that prefer not to walk with others, our private site gives us that opportunity.

Overnight your dog will sleep safely in an individual crate. You are welcome to bring their own bedding but its not necessary. If your dog likes to sleep in a jumper or pjs then do bring that too and we will make sure they are warm and tucked in when they have their bed time biscuit. We ask you to bring your dog’s food for the stay so that we can ensure that your dog’s nutritional needs are met and that a change doesn’t upset them, we can fulfil all feeding strategies including raw feeding and we can administer medication as required. We cannot however accommodate dogs with infectious diseases and all dogs that stay with us overnight must be up to date with their current vaccinations.

How will we train your dog.

  • Conditioned Reinforcer




  • Food rewards




    Whatever your dog loves!

  • Play rewards



  • Verbal Praise


    “Who’s a good dog?” – we’ll make sure they know!

  • Anything that your dog doesn’t like

    No corrections

    No shouting

    No lead pulling

    Nothing that makes your dog sad.

A typical short break residential training schedule:

Preparatory 1-2-1 behaviour and training consultation:

    • Establish training goals
    • Cover any behavioural needs
    • Feeding preferences
    • Treat preferences
    • Complete booking form with up to date details

Day 1
0730 – 0830 Arrival and drop-off
0830 – 0930 First walk of the day
0930 – 1130 Training session 1 (20-40 mins depending on task) remainder of time relaxing with stuffed kong
1130 – 1300 Training session 2
1300 – 1400 Snack time with a natural chew
1400 – 1600 Training session 3
1600 – 1700 Second walk of the day
1700 – 1800 Dinner
1800 – 2000 Training session 4
2100 Bed time biscuit and lights out

Day 2
0600 – 0700 Wake up walk
0700 – 0800 Breakfast
0800 – 1000 Training session 5
1000 – 1100 Snack time with a natural chew
1100 – 1300 Training session 6
1300 – 1400 Second walk of the day
1400 – 1500 Training session 7
1500 – 1700 Training session 8
1730 – 1830 Collection

Follow up 1-2-1 consultation

    • Progress made
    • Maintaining training
    • Observations on behaviour
    • Target Setting

This is inevitably a rough guide as each dog’s training needs are tailored specifically to the dog. Those who are less active will be stimulated with brain games rather than walked or exercised as much as those who are very active.

It must be noted that we only use positive training techniques and whereas other establishments might promise miracle behavioural changes in 48 hours we won’t make that promise because we will not use any method that suppresses a behaviour through harsh training. In 48 hours though you might be surprised what we can achieve and we pride ourselves in putting the emotional health of our client’s dogs above speed of change.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more or book a short break residential training session.