Scent Work

Dogs love scenting, their sense of smell is thousands of times better than ours, and they can smell a whole world that we are barely aware of. In our scent classes and workshops you will learn how to team up with your dog to search out various  items.

Scent work is suitable for all dogs, including dogs who have an injury or no longer able to do strenuous physical exercise; and also those who can’t go off lead for whatever reason. It is great for anxious and reactive dogs as it tends to have a calming effect on dogs and leaves them in a tired state of fulfillment. Most of all it is a lot of fun for you and your dog and a great bonding activity.

Bru doing a passive indication search

It can also be surprisingly helpful with a wide range of other training issues – I first became interested in scent work because I had a dog who liked to go off on his own adventures without me. Doing a few searches as we walked brought the adventures closer to me and meant that we could have fun together rather than me worrying about where he’d got to.

For those who want to take their scentwork a step further we work towards the WSDA (World Scent Dog Association) Manhunt competitions, where competitors are required to do a variety of active and passive searches to discover information to solve a mystery.

We are currently running Scent classes on Fridays and there are also various weekend workshops. See our What’s on page for more information on times and dates.