Puppy Classes

The critical socialisation period in puppies ends between 14-20 weeks, depending on breed. During this period a puppy learns some of their most important life lessons as they start to navigate the world. If the experiences they have in this period are varied and positive we can set our puppies up to be well-balanced individuals for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, if they are scared by something they can learn to fear that thing and it can take a lot of effort in later life to help them gain their confidence (it is possible, but can be a lot of work – much better to set them up for success from the start).

Darwin and Tracer remember their “Watch Me” command from their puppy days.

18 week old puppy, Woody, went with his dad to “bring your dog to work day”, and after just 6 weeks of Life Skills was the best behaved dog in the office!

For this reason it is incredibly important that your puppy gets out into the big wide world and has as many positive experiences as possible. We want puppies to learn to be around all kinds of dogs, not just other puppies, and so we like puppies to join our Life Skills class where they can learn basic manners and skills while having a positive experience of being around a variety of other dogs and people.

We will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have about toilet training, puppy biting, and anything else you might need help with as your little one grows up.

Life Skills classes run on Wednesdays. See the What’s On page for more details.