Pet Obedience Classes – 6 week blocks of classes £48

Following on from puppy class – these classes are suitable for dogs from 6 months old to 16 years old (and beyond!). We aim to develop the skills needed to have a well rounded pet with a few extra cleaver bits thrown in! If, for whatever reason your dog can’t perform some of these tasks then we adapt the tasks rather than prevent a dog making progress so don’t worry if you have greyhound who can’t sit – they can still achieve each award.

Our Beginners Class

IMDT Partnership level 1

  • 100m loose lead walking inc. a left, a right and an about turn, starting with, finishing with and with a sit in the middle
  • handling – ears, eyes, mouth, 4 paws, abdomen and tail by a stranger
  • recall from 50m
  • 30s Sit
  • 60s Down
  • Trick roll over / spin / speak / bow
  • cone search for toy and retrieve

Our Intermediate Class

IMDT Partnership Level 2

  • 200m loose lead walk inc. 3 right, 3 left and 3 about turns, start in a sit, have a stand mid way and finish in a down
  • clear jump – dog to jump on command and sit until owner rejoins
  • 3 x 30m recalls, 1 including emergency stop
  • 1 min sit
  • 2 min down
  • 3 tricks performed for 3 repetitions
  • cone search for toy (10 cones)

Our Advanced Class

IMDT Partnership Level 3

  • A choreographed heelwork routine including at least one sit, down and stand and slow time and trot as well as walk and at least one right, left and about turn
  • A small agility course including 3 jumps a tunnel with a sit, stand or down wait at the start
  • A 30m recall down temptation alley
  • 2 min stay with a change of position on command at 1 min between sit and down.
  • Choreographed trick routine of 5 different tricks.
  • Scent discrimination between 3 cloths – retrieval of the cloth bearing the owners scent.

Get in touch if you want to join a pet obedience class.