Life skills 1

Does your dog bark at the doorbell? Get overexcited with other dogs? Do they struggle to come back quickly when you call them? Get underfoot or beg for food when you’re eating?

Or maybe you have a new puppy or rescue dog that you want to start on the right paw and teach them good manners from the very start.

Woody chilling out on “take your dog to work day” after completing Life Skills 1

Life skills classes are perfect for all of these dogs. Your dog will learn to interact calmly around other dogs and humans as well as other distractions. They will practice walking calmly by your side and coming back to you quickly when you ask. We will also work on getting your dog comfortable with being handled by a vet and having their nails done.

Life Skills 2

We have a range of Life Skills 2 classes:

Life skills 2 – Focus and engage:

Perfect as a foundation for competition dogs either before they start competing or to improve their focus and motivation when they work with you, both in training and in the ring. We will learn about:

What motivates your dog and how to use this to get the best out of them.

Moving your dog between high energy activity and calmness (and back again).

Reducing the number of reinforcers you need when working with your dog.

Getting and keeping your dog’s focus.

How to train so that your dog really wants to work with you.

Life Skills 2 – Canine First Aid and Co-operative care

Learn how to resuscitate a choking dog, how to bandage a wound and how to recognise the signs of shock. These are just 3 of the valuable skills you will feel confident to perform on completion of the course.

You will also work with your dog to learn techniques to help them feel comfortable with care procedures such as nail trimming, grooming, holding still for examination and giving ear drops.

Life Skills 2 – Sports

An introductory course to a number of canine sports. An ideal way to try out new things to see which ones you would like to take further. We will have a go at:



Scent Work

Trick Training


Life Skills classes currently run on Wednesdays. See our What’s on page for more information.