Heelwork to Music and Freestyle

Always wanted to dance with your dog? Have you watched the dogs performing at Crufts or Britain’s Got Talent and wished you could do that?

You can! And we’ll show you how.

Heelwork to Music and Freestyle are growing in popularity and are a great way to have fun with your dog, whether your aim is to win BGT, impress your friends, or simply enjoy the challenge of putting a routine together and deepening your relationship with your dog.

In Heelwork to Music your dog works primarily in one of the 8 heelwork positions (on your left or right, facing either forwards or backwards; and in front of you or behind you, facing either to the left or the right) with a few other moves mixed in. HTM is like a dance, if you enjoy precision, this one is for you!

Freestyle is what is says on the tin – you can do what you want! People love Freestyle for the creativity it offers, you can tell a story or choreograph a dance, choosing moves that suit you and your dog. There are also no obligatory moves, so the fact I’ve never really managed to teach Bru a reliable ‘down’ hasn’t stopped him doing very well at Freestyle!

Our classes and workshops are aimed at teams that already have a few tricks and maybe do a little bit of heelwork and want to take it further. Don’t have any tricks yet? Come to one of our Trick Training workshops first!

Heelwork to Music classes are currently on Tuesday evenings, with weekend workshops also available. See our What’s On page for more details.