Claire and her team run training classes, day training, short break residential training and workshops at Cliff Lakes, Tamworth.

We train using positive, force free methods that are scientifically proven to produce great training results that persist throughout life. We want training to be a lifelong habit shared between you and your dog and our aim is to focus and build on success. We aren’t just proud of our positive training, we are also bound by our governing body regulations that you are welcome to check out on the IMDT or the CAPBT websites.

We train using food, praise and fun – and that applies to the human as well as the dog! Our venue is outdoors but we do also have access to an indoor area for some of our classes. We have literally hundreds of acres of space for you and your dog to enjoy.

Chrysalis K9
Cliff Lakes
Tamworth Road
B78 2DL.

How to find us

Day Training .

Drop your dog off before work and collect on your way home. During the day your dog will have at least 3 training sessions working on skills of your choice with a qualified trainer as well as at least 2 walks with or without other dogs. In between they will rest in warm comfy crates with a stuffed Kong or a natural chew. You can expect your dog to return home mentally and physically fulfilled from a busy day, ready to relax with you for the evening and you will take home a report card covering the training sessions and the progress made. Drop off available 07.30-09.00 and collection 17.00-18.30 with extensions by prior arrangement.

£30 a day per dog. Discounts available for multiple dogs.

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Short Break Residential Training.

A 48 hour intense training weekend or mid week break for your dog that can be timed to fit with your work or social schedule. Before the stay a 1 hour 1-2-1 session with you, your dog and Claire sets the goals for the training break. On the first day of the training break drop your dog off with us between 7.30am and 8.30am. Each day your dog will have at least 4 training sessions with Claire or her assistants, focussed on their specific training goals as well as at least 2 long walks with other friendly dogs or on their own if they prefer. In between training sessions and walks your dog will relax in a comfy crate with a stuffed Kong or chew of their preference. Overnight they will be tucked up in a warm, well insulated crate. Any style of feeding can be accommodated including raw feeding and medication can be given as required. Collect your dog on the last day of the training break between 17.30 and 18.30. Following the training break you, your dog and Claire will have another 1 hour 1-2-1 session to feed back on progress made and set personal training goals for the future.

£150 for 2 training days + 2 x 1-2-1 personal training sessions.

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Puppy Classes £75 for 8 week course

Unlike many “puppy parties” our puppy classes are focussed on supporting our clients in building a strong bond between a puppy and their human family. There will be some structured opportunities for puppies to play together but don’t expect this to be a significant component of our classes. Uncontrolled puppy play can result in bullying and what we want are confident puppies for whom nothing could be more exciting to them than interracting with their human family.

Darwin being lured into a sit.

We will help you to train your puppy to recall, to sit, wait and to walk on a loose lead among many other useful skills. More importantly we will show you a simple framework for training that you can use to train almost any behaviour you want to! We use clicker training principles but you don’t have to use a clicker – we have other methods such as hand signals and verbal cues as well as flash lights for deaf dogs.

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Trick Training Classes. 6 week blocks – £48.

What is a trick? – In reality it’s any behaviour that you want to teach to your pet. Our trick training classes will focus on teaching you a system to train just about any behaviour that your dog is physically capable of performing. An old dog can learn new tricks! Any dog can join this class. You will be able to use this method to train any other behaviour you are struggling with, maybe loose lead walking and we will happily offer advice if you are in need. In the classes we will work on a selection of tricks and we have a series of awards for you to work towards with your dog. We can promise you lots of fun and a closer and more rewarding relationship between you and your dog.

Neipher “leaving” her favourite toy.

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General Obedience Classes – 6 week blocks – £48

IMDT Partnership Scheme.

We offer all the levels of the IMDT Scheme in our general dog training classes.

Level 1: For puppies who have completed the puppy course and dogs new to training – our beginners class.

Level 2: For dogs who have achieved level 1 and are now in our intermediate class.

Level 3: For dogs who have achieved level 2 and are now in our advanced class.

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A workshop generally lasts half a day and covers a particular skill or task in detail. The number of participants will be appropriate to the skill or task involved – so a recall workshop might have just 5 dogs whereas a lure coursing fun workshop might have 30 dogs participating. Workshops are great for people with limited time who want to achieve the skills to continue their training independently or for trying out new activities for the first time.

Our workshops are all listed and can be booked below:

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