Claire with puppy Goose.

Claire Martin BSc Hons Dipt CAPT (QCF Level 5) IMDT

Claire is the owner and manager of Chrysalis K9.

Claire is a CAPBT Behaviouist and Trainer qualified with COAPE, the only organisation to offer truly regulated courses listed by QCF in the field of companion animal behaviour.

Claire is also a qualified IMDT Trainer, an IMDT Force Free Trick Trainer and will take her assessment for full membership of the APDT and KCAI status in the very near future.

She has been a dog owner for well over 20 years and has fostered over 15 dogs for GRWE and Help for Hounds and she currently lives with a family of 9 dogs, all sight-hounds and most are rescues with challenging backgrounds.

The emotional realtionship between dog and owner is essential for them to work together as a team.

Claire has been a trainer for 17 years alongside being a secondary school teacher but she has now left the school environment to train dogs full time. With her dogs she competes at canicross, having represented the UK in the European Championships in 2012 and again in 2015.

Claire has competed in France as well as throughout the UK. She also competes at scooter racing at which she represented the UK in 2015. In the last 2 years Claire has begun competing at agility and her dog Darwin won into grade 3 and made it to the main arena at the Kennel Club International Agility Festival in his first competitive season.

Scooter racing with Mercury and Neipher

Neipher is following in Darwin’s footsteps and is now competing regularly and Sigma and Sirius have just started their agility training. Claire’s lurcher Tracer competes successfully at lure coursing and track racing. Her 4 largest dogs -Storm, Tracer, Axis and Mercury are all experienced canine blood donors too. Storm and Strike have recently retired as therapy dogs but they worked for many years with special needs young people, helping them to have more confidence and greater coordination.

Canicrossing with Darwin

Neipher doing agility.

Vay and Bru

Vay is a trainer at Chrysalis and loves teaching Life Skills, Trick Training, Heelwork to Music and Scent Work. She loves helping people to improve their bond with their dog and to learn new skills together.

Trick training with Bru

Vay is a World Scent Dog Association (WSDA) certified instructor. The WSDA gives us Manhunt competitions where dogs and their humans take part in a series of searches to solve a mystery, it is the original canine whodunnit and is lots of fun for dogs and humans alike.

Scent work is great for dogs’ emotional health

Training for Heelwork to Music

Vay competes in Heelwork to Music, Canine Freestyle and Agility with her rescue staffy, Bru.

They also do scentwork and Canicross.

Bru doing agility

Vay usually also has a foster dog who needs a bit of help and training in order to find their forever home.

Working together

Vay is also a qualified counsellor and before joining Chrysalis worked as a drug and alcohol counsellor and as a teacher.