Lure Coursing

Lure coursing is the sport of chasing a lure – in our case a shredded plastic bag – either in a straight line or over a zig-zag course. Its great fun for most dogs and for dogs who love to chase its amazing! If your dog likes to chase but you can’t let them off lead then we can attach a 10m longline to keep them safe. As a behaviourist – I often see dogs that are frustrated and giving them the opportunity to chase in safety can help fulfil their emotional needs. You wont believe how happy and relaxed your dogs will be after taking part!

What to expect during the workshop:

You will be briefed on the safety aspects of lure coursing

      • Each dog will have 2-3 goes on their own on a straight lure chase to get them interested in the game
      • If dogs are sociable then we can race dogs in pairs on a straight course
      • We will then introduce a gently turning course so that dogs can experience chasing a jinxing lure
      • We usually have a photographer there to record your dogs  – Jackie will be able to show you some of the photos on the day and they will be up on her website that evening.
      • We will end the workshop with a fun race for groups of dogs that are happy to run together and more solo runs for dogs that prefer to play independently.

What you need to bring:

      • Your dog! their harness, a close fiting flat collar with their ID on it
      • Treats for your dog
      • Snacks for you
      • A crate or a safe place in your vehicle for your dogs to rest between runs.
      • Sturdy outdoor clothing (there is no indoor option).

Costs – Lure coursing is an activity that necessitates dogs having regular breaks between activities as the lure chases are highly arousing. As such up to 30 dogs can participate in a workshop. As a result we keep costs down for individual participants.


      • 1 dog from a family £10
      • 2 dogs from a family £15
      • 3 dogs from a family £20
      • 4 or more dogs from a family – contact us for prices

We offer regular lure coursing workshops. We have everything from cockerpoos to red setters attending our lure coursing events, as well as the breeds you associate more with coursing: sighthounds and terriers. If your dog loves to chase, they will probably love lure coursing. Please see our What’s On page for upcoming dates.